April 27, 2020 - 2 minute read

Working from Home : Essential Tips

(Or how to deconstruct the Working From Home model)

Don't get sucked by the news

"The more we value things outside our control, the less control we have." - Epictetus

It's easy to give in to refreshing a news page or keeping the TV on. Don't do that. To be well informed does not mean to obsess over the last update of infected/death rate of COVID-19. Or political scandals. Or who is going to win the next reality show of your choice.

Look at what you have control over and focus on that. Everything else is distraction and could make you waste your time mindlessly.

So turn off the TV and shut-off social media for a few hours. There are several apps that can do that for you. Some recommendations:

Get dressed

Actually, don't.

Every "coach" or "remote work specialist" is telling you this because of the new rise of WFH. They say it makes you in the right mood for work.

It doesn't. You most likely will never wear trousers again.

But we must note one thing in particular. Don't be ready to fall asleep during your productive hours. If being in your pajamas makes your mind setup for sleep, try changing clothes.

The point is, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable at your own home. But have a decent shirt handy whenever a video call comes up.

Use video calls, with caution

Talking about video calls... *sigh*

Video communication is a great way to build personal relationships. After all, you can see the other person's facial expression. Yet, video is also the most intrusive form of communication. Please be mindful of a few things:

Follow the two-minute rule

This is excellent to stop procrastinating and stick to good habits.

These principles help you get momentum and keep the day flowing:


Exercise is one of the greatest productivity tools in the world. It's good to handle stress, improves mood, focus and energy.

Lift weights.
Do yoga.
Get fit like Madonna.
The form doesn't matter.

Get into your best physical condition! That will create energy to tackle whatever your job throws at you.

Start small, do a little bit everyday. When it becomes a habit you will no longer need to feel motivated to do it. You just do.