November 23, 2020 - 1 minute read

Day 9 : Port Security

This is part of the #LinuxUpSkillChallenge. Don't forget to also check out the Official Instructions and the Reddit posts.

Objectives of the day

  1. TCP/IP ports

    • 22 : SSH
    • 80 : HTTP
  2. Port Status

    • netstat: "network status" plays network connections and statistics.
    • ss: "socket status" is a standard utility replacing the older netstat.
    • nmap: "network map" is a port scanner, won't normally be installed by default.
  3. Host Firewall

    • ufw: "uncomplicated firewall" is a frontend for iptables.
    • iptables: manages firewall rules.
    • nftables: a package filtering framework built to replace the old iptables.

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