December 22, 2020 - 3 minute read

Day 21 : Next steps

This is part of the #LinuxUpSkillChallenge. Don't forget to also check out the Official Instructions and the Reddit posts.

1. Practice and explore the command line

No better way to improve your command line skills than to actual practice them!

Take the challenge, go into the extentions and explore at your hearts content.

Some useful resources are Command Line Challenge and CommandLineFu

2. Experiment with your server

Experiment with your server, add applications that you want to try.

Go after the documentation and turn your server into a webserver, a file server, a mirror, a mailserver, dataserver… you name it!

3. Bring Linux home

Servers are nice up in the cloud, but is Linux any good for the desktop?

You don’t have to switch to Linux on your desktop if you don’t want to. I actually recommend that you DON’T. A bad domestic experience often scare off many potential users.

This step is totally optional. But trying to run things for your own personal use teaches a lot about the system dynamics. It unveils features, roadblocks and their work-arounds.

Try a LiveUSB running a user-friendly distro like Ubuntu first. Maybe try to install in dual-boot later.

Ah, and don’t stick to Ubuntu only! There are so many flavors available that there is a catalog of all of the distributions ever released: Distro Watch

4. Take a course

Feeling that a bit more guided experience suits you better? Try taking a course. Where you can find good content:

5. Get certified

A certification is absolutely NOT REQUIRED to work in system administration. Some companies ask for them, much more as a formality. But if you cannot show any experience in the resume, it’s good to have at least one cert to get a foot in the door.

The closest this course can get you, as far as exam objectives are concerned, is Linux Professional Institute’s LE-1 Linux Essentials. It may be a good start but it’s barely noticed in job hunting.

Any relevant certification will require a lot more study in topics not covered by this challenge, like hardware and system architecture.

Certifications that have actual influence:

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