100 Days of Code Challenge

The 100 Days of Code is a hands-on programming challenge created by Alex Kallaway. The idea is to write code for 1 hour everyday for 100 days.

The challenge is more of a commitment system than anything else. You should tweet your progress everyday and you should encourage others in their 100 day journey as well. The community is what keeps the challenge going.

You can fork its repository on GitHub, as the structure is already set and the rules are easy to follow.

My Background: I'm not completely new to programming, but I am not a programmer by any means. I've been entertaining the idea of getting back on the trenches and adding programmability to my skillset. Advancing on my career as Network Engineer with DevNet is the goal.

My Progress: I'm recording my struggles and victories on my GitHub repo and Twitter @livialimatweets. My coding activity can be found on WakaTime.

Blog posts: